Building a WelcomeBot

Boston Python User Group, December 2014

Shauna Gordon-McKeon (@shauna_gm,, shauna on Freenode)

The background

The problem

The solution

So what is WelcomeBot?

So what is IRC?

So what is an application layer protocol?

Try it! @

Socket Library

We start by creating a socket object, with some details about the connection we want to make.

ircsock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)

We then use this object to connect to the server on port 6667.

server = "" 
ircsock.connect((server, 6667))

Socket Library (cont)

We can now communicate using send and recv:

ircsock.send("PRIVMSG "+ channel +" :Hello!\n")

These sent messages can include a variety of IRC syntax:

ircsock.send("PONG :pingis\n")  
ircsock.send("JOIN "+ chan +"\n")
ircsock.send("NICK "+ botnick +"\n") 

Basic Structure of WelcomeBot

(as seen at

  • If newcomer joins, create a newcomer object with a datetime field.
  • If a non-newcomer speaks into the channel, silently record nickname and delete newcomer object.
  • Regularly check how long the newcomer has been around.
  • Once the newcomer has been around for longer than a set time (default is 60 seconds) greet them.

A mistake!

aka a learning experience

How do you listen and respond at the same time?

import queue, threading
def getIRC():
    q = Queue.LifoQueue()
    while True:
        ircmsg = ircsock.recv(2048) # receive data from the server
        ircmsg = ircmsg.strip('\n\r') # removing any unnecessary linebreaks.
t = Thread(target=getIRC)
t.daemon = True

Totally unnecessary

import select
ready_to_read, b, c =[ircsock],[],[], 1)

Learning experience for everyone

12 contributors, including 6 who are making their first open source contribution!

  • Saves known nicknames
  • Recognizes patterns of nicknames, eg "shauna__" as "shauna"
  • Responds to greetings and requests for more info
  • Best of all...


class TestBotClass(unittest.TestCase):

    def setUp(self): = botcode.Bot()
    def test_known_nicks_setup(self):
        bot = botcode.Bot('test_nicks.csv')
        self.assertEqual(bot.known_nicks, [['Alice'], ['Bob']])

    def test_add_nick_underscore_removal(self): = [['Fluffy'], ['Spot']]'Roger__')
        self.assertEqual(,[['Fluffy'], ['Spot'], ['Roger']])

    def tearDown(self):
        with open('test_nicks.csv', 'w') as csv_file:



Ned (seriously, watch his Ned's Pycon 2014 talk on unit testing), Asheesh Laroia, and the kind folks at project night.


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