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"You all worked for Nazi Germany. And you tried to offer only a passive resistance. Certainly, to buy off your conscience you helped here and there a persecuted person, but millions of innocent human beings were allowed to be murdered without any kind of protest being uttered..."

The economy is


The economy is

always changing

"I have a simple message for the protest organizers and the reporters covering them: I told you so."

"In 2013, when the Fight for $15 was still in its growth stage, I and others warned that union demands for a much higher minimum wage would force businesses with small profit margins to replace full-service employees with costly investments in self-service alternatives."

“What I would like is for us as

programmers to recognize our labor for

what it is. Our labor is input to a system

that’s extracting an enormous amount of

capital that goes to a very few people, and

that system is wreaking havoc in many


What I find increasingly urgent is for us to

align ourselves with all of the other

workers who generate that capital,

whether they write docs, answer phones,

serve food, drive buses,

or clean conference venues.”


What are some ethics guidelines?

disclose conflicts of interest

publish corrections

cite your sources

respect privacy rights

seek comment from subjects of reporting

use full and unfixed quotes

Money Problems

less funding than misinformation

privacy violations/behavioral tracking

vulnerability to media consolidation

lack of diversity among reporters

Recurring Themes

work collectively

pay attention to resources

Working Collectively Capturing Value
😊 Lots of experience Creative resource models
😞 Overemphasize autonomy License away profit

Potential Solutions

alternative business models


codes of ethics

government action

We need to talk

We need to act


What Tech Workers Can Learn From Harry Bridges by Kelsey Gilmore-Innis
Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway
Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neill
Consequences of an Insightful Algorithm by Carina C Zona
The Attention Merchants by Tim Wu
The code I'm still ashamed of by Bill Sourour


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On Russian Propaganda Network Mapping by PropOrNot

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